Frequency Converter

REMINGTONS Frequency Converters are being manufactured with the state-of-the art PWM and IGBT technology, produce microprocessor controlled pure sine wave output to loads.

Features :

  • Double conversion and PWM technology with pure sinewave output
  • Galvanic Isolation
  • Emergency close switch connection
  • Microprocessor controlled main controller board
  • Microprocessor controlled rectifier
  • LCD display
  • Nonlinear loads driving capability
  • Facility of connection with PC, through RS232 port

RECTIFIER: The first conversion stage (from AC to DC) uses a 3 phase, fully controlled rectifier to convert the incoming mains supply into a regulated DC BUS BAR. The DC BUS BAR produced by the rectifier provides both battery charging power (If battery operation exists) and power to the inverter section.

INVERTER:  It is made by utilizing the latest technology of power transistor (IGBT) and pulse width modulation (PWM). Inverter converts dc bus voltage into (second conversion) three-phase AC voltage of a predetermined required frequency (400Hz)  and provides this voltage and frequency being fixed.

Benefits of Frequency Converter :

Output voltage and frequency according to load requirements:

“The Converter has its own internal voltage and frequency regulator circuits which ensure that its output is maintained within close tolerances independent of voltage and frequency variations on the mains power lines”

Increase noise rejection :

“By rectifying the input ac power to dc power, and then converting it back to ac, any electrical noise that may  present on the input mains supply line is effectively isolated from the Converter output, therefore the load sees only clean AC power, with required voltage and frequency”

Power blackout protection : (If battery connection is available)

“If the mains power fails, the Converter continues to power the load from its battery source, leaving the load immune from power disturbances”