Automatic Voltage Regulator


– High efficiency
– Electro-mechanic high-low voltage protection
– Short-circuit protection
– Ability to work with non-linear loads
– Wide input voltage range option
– Spare part supply warranty for 10 years


SAI-E SERIES AVR is used safely with any computer system, fax and photocopy machines, industrial, medical, laboratory, office appliances and household.

SAI-E SERIES AVR protects your load from all fluctuations at the mains voltage and does the voltage regulation. It cuts the voltage outputs electro-mechanically when an increase or decrease occurs out of limits and prevents all the possible problems by electronic protection.

The booster transformers and sensitive variac to the voltage regulation. Servo system is based on the control of DC motor by thyristor.

Output voltage is observed by analogue display. Over current protection is ensured by magnetic switch and inside cooling is assured by fan. In single-phase models special inside structure and natural cooling is applied. Connections of the unit are done by NK model Clemens.

Phase protection, which is operated optionally, cuts the low or high input voltage, and if there is no phase, cuts the output voltage by contactor. In order to avoid the possible problems that can be caused by sudden voltage fluctuations, SAI-E SERIES AVR includes a time relay, which can take the control in 2 seconds. It has a by-pass switch and on/off property.

Wide voltage range models may be produced upon request. The standard voltage range of these models may be altered upon request.