Static Voltage Regulator

Static Voltage Regulator

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Static Voltage Regulator are designed to protect your electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations in the mains. Available from 5 kVA to 90 kVA


*  Wide Input Voltage Range

*  Reliable Output Voltage Stability

*  Microprocessor Controlled

*  Overload  protection upto 130 %

*  Swift response to voltage fluctuations

*  High efficiency

*  Remote Monitoring through Serial and dry contact port

*  Manual bypass switch

*  Operational in high humidity and temperature conditions

*  Short circuit and overload protection

*  Spare parts guarantee for 10 years 

*  Reliable technical service support

Static Voltage Regulators ( SVR ) are designed to protect your electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations in the mains.
Working on the principle of “changing coils” , the SVR feeds the user equipment from its own  auto – transformer.Coil changes prevent fluctuations in the supply voltage thus ensuring the safe operation of the electrical equipment.
The working mechanism is different from the classic automatic servo voltage regulator.Changes in the number of windings made by the servo motor in the AVR are controlled electronically by a thyristor.This is the most important reason for the increase in the speed of response to changes.Instead of a mechanical system causing the changes , the direct triggering of  a fast  thyristor  is responsible for an accelerated response. Furthermore the possibility of corrosion , calibration and maintenance requirements can  be avoided.Protect against excessive current and short circuit.
The input voltage, output voltage (if regulator is in operation), output current, mains frequency can be observed from the panel. Beseides the following informations can be also obtained from SVR ; Load on bypass or regulator, indication for availability

Three types of SVR model is presented to client depending on main voltage variation :

- Normal range makes voltage regulation between 150 to 260 VAC

- Wide range makes voltage regulation between 110 to 270 VAC

- Special range makes voltage regulation between 90 to 285 VAC

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