Feature: RemingtonS Inverter Series DC/AC Inverter’s are designed to supply clean power to computer and communication systems; defined as “critical load”. Inverter converts DC voltages from batteries to AC voltage as per desired voltage and frequency levels and supply AC power to load. Because the equipment is designed as ONLINE, it supplies a stable voltage […]

Frequency Converter

Feature: REMINGTONS Frequency Converters are being manufactured with the state-of-the art PWM and IGBT technology, produce microprocessor controlled pure sine wave output to loads. Features : Double conversion and PWM technology with pure sinewave output Galvanic Isolation Emergency close switch connection Microprocessor controlled main controller board Microprocessor controlled rectifier LCD display Nonlinear loads driving capability […]

Static Transfer Switch

Feature:     – Increased power quality – Easy monitoring parameters on LCD display – Fast microcontroller (32 mips) – Power blackout protection – Automatic static switching – Remote monitoring of input power sources – Easy static and mechanical transfer between separate input sources – Remote management of power events – Power event logging – […]

Battery Charger

Feature: Microprocessor controlled AC/DC Power Supply Automatic constant voltage and constant current ability Adjustable Boost and Nominal Charge Voltages Adjustable output current High Voltage Protection Over Current Protection Short Circuit Protection Over Temperature Protection Input Filter Alphanumerical LCD Display and Control Panel Low DC voltage Protection – Optional Dry contact Alarms – optional Parallel connection […]

Static Voltage Regulator

Feature: * Wide Input Voltage Range * Reliable Output Voltage Stability * Microprocessor Controlled * Overload protection upto 130 % * Swift response to voltage fluctuations * High efficiency * Remote Monitoring through Serial and dry contact port * Manual bypass switch * Operational in high humidity and temperature conditions * Short circuit and overload protection * Spare parts guarantee for 10 years * Reliable technical service support […]

Automatic Voltage Regulator

Feature:   – High efficiency – Electro-mechanic high-low voltage protection – Short-circuit protection – Ability to work with non-linear loads – Wide input voltage range option – Spare part supply warranty for 10 years   SAI-E SERIES AVR is used safely with any computer system, fax and photocopy machines, industrial, medical, laboratory, office appliances and […]

Rectifier & DC

Feature:   AEC ES 1948 Series AEC ES 1948 Series adalah rectifier dengan fitur : Input 1 phasa yang inovatif dengan range input luas (90-275Vac) Power faktor >0.99. Sinusoidal input current Standard UL Efisiensi tinggi Microprocessor based Menghandle beban aktif atau pasif koneksi “Push in to plug in” untuk AC, DC dan communication link Beban […]

Power Line Conditioner

Feature: The System design with Buck and Boost technology and Motor servo driver, combine with filter and capasitor string, make system has wide range input window and protecting critical load from Input transient voltage, input noise and very fast response dynamic current.   Features: Voltage Regulator Surge Suppressor Noise Filter Power Factor Correction Inrush Protection […]

Isolation Transformer

Feature: 5 MAIN FUNCTION : Zero neutral ground voltage Harmonic Reducer Surge Protector Sag protector Inrush Dumper SYSTEM FEATURE : Grounding Detector Polarity Check Small size Optional : Lighting Protection