Supplementary Equipments

Supplementary Equipments

IT 600VA - 12000VA. image.jpg
Isolation Transformer

Isolation Transformer is designed with special shielded construction, with low internal impedance resulting i very fast response to dynamic current. Available from 600 VA to 12000 VA

PLC 1kVA - 7.5kVA. image.jpg
Power Line Conditioner

Power Line Conditioner (PLC) comes with reliability for solving various problem of Power Quality. Available from 1000 VA to 7500 VA

AEC Image 2.jpg
Rectifier & DC

Rectifier and DC Power System has been designed for GSM stations, telecom applications and other communication applications

SVR 5kVA - 90kVA. image.jpg
Static Voltage Regulator

Static Voltage Regulator are designed to protect your electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations in the mains. Available from 5 kVA to 90 kVA

AVR 2kVA - 1000kVA image.jpg
Automatic Voltage Regulator

SAI- E series AVR is used safely with any computer system, fax and photocopy machines, Industrial, medical, laboratory, office appliances and household. Available from 2kVA to 1000 kVA

STS 50Amp - 400Amp. image.jpg
Static Transfer Switch

Static Transfer Switch. 3 Phase in - 3 Phase out, Available from 50 Amp to 400 Amp

BATTERY CHARGER 15Amp - 400Amp. Image.jpg
Battery Charger

Microprocessor controlled AC/DC Power Supply Automatic constant voltage and constant current ability Adjustable Timer for Boost Charging Adjustable Boost and Float Charge Voltages. Available from 15 Amp to 400 Amp

Inverter 1500VA - 5000VA, exclude lineinv & 10000VA.image_.jpg

RemingtonS Inverter Series DC/AC Inverter's are designed to supply clean power to computer and communication systems; defined as "critical load". Inverter converts DC voltages from batteries to AC voltage as per desired voltage and frequency levels and supply AC power to load. Available from 400 VA to 10000 VA

Frequency Converter 10kVA - 200kVA. image.jpg
Frequency Converter

Frequency Converters are designed to use for special applications and to work at hard industrial conditions, and its produced with PWM and IGBT technologies. Available from 10 kVA to 200 kVA

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