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For switches products, we're supported and become partner with Allied Telesyn. Allied Telesyn's extensive switch product line provides high performance, cost effective solutions for your business networking needs. 


Ideal for connecting computers, servers, storage devices and VoIP phones in businesses of all sizes, Allied Telesyn switches are available in managed, Websmart and unmanages models with variety of Gigabit and Fast Ethernet port densities designed to provide optimum network configurations.


Allied Telesyn switches are suitable for deployment at all tiers of the network from the core to the edge :

  • Layer 3 core switches for high performance routing wiring closet aggregation and data center conectivity in larger networks or core switching in medium- size networks.
  • Layer 2 managed switches for workgroup, departmental and remote office connectivity, and edge switch aggregation.
  • Websmart edge switches for basic managed and affordable connectivity in small office networks and workgroups, and low- cost aggregation.
  • Unmanaged switches for simple and cost effective desktop, home officeand small workgroup connectivity.